Hello everyone! This is my list, of the top 20 countries in my opinion! It says top 10, but that is because that is the MOST focused on. I know the best countries in crime, health, culture, nature, people, education, like, etc.

Here is MY Favorite. If you don't like this list, and don't agree, then you can go ahead & make your own list in the FORUMS. (It would be in the lounge section)

(NOTE: My home country (United States) is not listed on here. That is because I feel it is unnecessarily to have your home country on the list.)

Ranking Country




1 United Kingdom
2 Jordan
3 Belgium
4 Canada
5 Germany
6 United Arab


7 South Korea
8 Meixco
9 Sweden
10 Austrailia
11 New Zealand
12 Japan
13 South Africa
14 Iran (In B.C Time)
15 Brazil
16 Bangladesh
17 Egypt
18 Norway
19 Japan
20 Israel

Take into account that the person who wrote this list is gay and deserves to be crucified.

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