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This page is about the strongest countries in different times of our world. from 3000 BC to Present day.


Time Country
3000 BC The Kingdom of Egypt.
2000 BC The Akkadian Empire, along with Egypt and the Indus Valley Civilization.
1500 BC Either the Hittite Empire or the Egyptians at this point in time.
1000 BC With the Middle East in turmoil, the Western Zhou Dynasty emerges at the most advanced civilization.
700 BC
500 BC As the world's first, large scale superpower, by far the Achaemenid Empire.
50 BC Roman Republic
100 AD At its zenith under the Nerva-Antonine Dynasty, by far the Roman Empire.
300 AD The Roman Empire
500 AD Either the Eastern Roman Empire or the Gupta Dyansty
600 AD The Sui Dynasty of China
1000 AD By far and with no equal in sight, the Song Dynasty in southern China.
1250 AD The Mongol Empire, and, from the 1300s, the Ottomans, inarguably ending the Middle Ages in 1453.
1500 AD Spanish Empire
1700 Qing China
1820 The British Empire
1880 Germany, Russia, and America are becoming bigger powers, but the

British are still ahead

1921 At the end of World War I most European countries are recovering, leaving the United States growing at fast rates.
1940 The United States, along with the British Empire, Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and the Empire of Japan.
1942 Germany controls the majority of Europe. Russia is still growing at rapid rates. Leaving Russia at number 3 for the time, the US might have made its way to the top again now.
1964 The heights of both the Cold War and Space Race, the United States and Soviet Union are roughly equal.
1990 The United States of America, especially with the Soviet Union on the verge of collapse.
2015 Still the United States by far, but China is quickly catching up.
2050 estimation The United States and China are approximately equal, although the USA's future is currently unstable. Turkey has a high chance of catching up, taking into consideration that the president will be changed.