Europe is the biggest, craziest, most popular, active, and most interesting continent out there. They are also one of the strongest. Lets take a look at the STRONGEST, european countries! This is determined by Population, Army, GDP, Safest, overall most powerful.

Major question; How powerful is Europe actually?[edit | edit source]

Well, Europe together, is as powerful as you may think. First of all, we need to think of the power houses; Germany is pretty well developed in military terms, but it would also fail drastically, as the army as slowed over the course of the 20th and 21st century. So Germany stays out. Russia, has the power to take on the United States if they so please, so really, without Russia, Europe would be a lot weaker. Now, do note the weaker countries, such as the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom can be pretty overpowered if you look at it from a specific angle, but in reality, its pretty small. Many other countries outside Europe can take on the UK. Sweden, is pretty small on military terms, but its mostly on the neutral side too. Many countries in Europe are, which makes them vulnerable, but also pretty friendly.

Ranking Country Population Population Rank Army Rank Safest
1 Russia 146,000,000 9th 110th
2 Germany 82,000,000 16th 62nd
3 France 67,000,000 20th 36th
4 United Kingdom 65,000,000 22nd 32nd
5 Iceland 330,000 184th 1st
6 Poland 41,000,000 34th 5th
7 Spain 48,000,000 29th 44th
8 Norway 6,000,000 117th 8th
9 Switzerland 8,000,000 98th 7th
10 Denmark 5,000,000 112th 15th
11 Netherlands 17,000,000 65th 13th
12 Portugal 10,000,000 86th 76th
13 Belguim 12,000,000 77th 31st
14 Ireland 6,000,000 109th 57th
15 Austria 11,000,000 86th 21st
16 Finland 6,000,000 113th 24th
17 Sweden 10,000,000 90th 44th
18 Hungary 10,000,000 88th 55th
19 Serbia 7,000,000 104th 69th
20 Slovakia 2,000,000 149th 48th
21 Ukraine 42,000,000 32nd 134th
22 Vatican City 900 [Least] [Least] 38th

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