This is a quiz for geography.

How to play: Pick a question it should take you to a site, to more questions! If you get it wrong, then.. tough luck. You have to start over. WARNING: No cheating, dont click the "random page" to skip it. Its honestly not fun to you, or me.

Let the games commence!

Rank Difficulty & Notes Game!
Noob Extremely Easy

Grade 4-5

(5 Questions)

Peasant Very Easy

Grade 6

(10 Questions)

Novice Medium

Grade 7-8

(10 Questions)

Expert Hard

Grade 9-12

(20 Questions)

Master Extremely Hard


(30 Questions)

Rank Times Beaten
Noob 12
Peasant 2
Learner 0
Novice 0
Expert 0
Master 0

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